The Live Presidential Debate 2020 watched on The Transform U! Media Network

The Growing Transform U! Media Network Attracts Over 1,000 to Watch the Debate on their social media broadcast live streams    Marcus Hart and Augustus V of the God Pill Wisdom podcast show became the first of many to utilize the technology of live stream to do commentary on the Presidential Debate 2020 between Presidential Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden. However, unlike others the hosts went all in by allowing their network to broadcast the debate in its entirely and then present the audience with all of the facts direct from to help the Americas take a wise inventory at everything presented. Many tuned in with their favorite hosts and enjoyed watching from their favorite social media apps.

    In the next days audiences will enjoy streaming more content like the God Pill Wisdom show on the Transform U! Media Network's new streaming platform set to launch and release on October 1st. The platform will offer a 30 day free trial and access to addition…

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The JMOR Tech Talk is on the rise to compete with many other tech podcasts. What separates the JMOR Tech Talk is that the host John Morley strives to educate the audience and provide his sensible personality that makes for both inspiration and entertainment. It's a common thread you will find on The Transform U! Media Network.  See more JMOR Tech Talk live on Twitch! every Friday at 4:30pm CST / 5:30pm EST or replay your favorite episodes on The Transform U! Media Network with a free 30 day trial to access all other shows and content exclusively.

Imagine Being on the Beach with Chill Vibes...

The 15 Year Old Canadian Artist LOST on the Rise A 15-year-old teenager living in Canada makes music from
home and recently he made a song that could potentially go viral. The title of
the song is “Backed Out” that immediately grabs you with the tune to make you
nod your head and then the lyrics are relatable.
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Transform U! Media Network Launches Transform U! TV Press Site

We are very excited to launch our Transform U! TV Press Site Blog
This press site blog was being thought of for some time and it's finally being implemented to recapture daily updates from our Twitter page as it happens and other news, special updates, and releases related to our internet digital media TV platform. We hope to drive engagement to this blog site to keep you informed and feel even closer to our growing team. 
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